kindness | weekly yoga class focus

This week our yoga focus is Kindness, and within that, compassion.

The first of the Yama’s, the yogic moral and ethical guides, is Ahimsa and translates to non-harm but not only this; in the positive it means to be kind, and compassionate. 

As we head closer to Christmas and the end of year with lots of busyness and festivities, it’s useful to remember to first, and always, be kind. When someone cuts you off in traffic, can you breathe and let it go – not buying in to their behaviour and meanwhile being kind to you – by not stressing your mind, and so to your body….

Each day, you can give a gift of kindness – to someone you love (letting them know), to someone you pass in your travels (a warm smile), to someone who’s challenging to you (not reacting), and to yourself (acknowledging all you are). And also, stay open to receive kindness from others. Don’t just shrug it off; take a moment to acknowledge when kindness comes your way, in the form of a smile, a compliment or kind word, a good deed, however else you start to notice - take a pause, to recognise and allow yourself to feel it; to take it in.

Reflecting this week: who are you finding challenging at the moment, or at this time of year – maybe at a family Christmas party, or Christmas day… And taking this time to, send out, from your heart centre, love and kindness to this person or persons. Consider perhaps the people who you find the least lovable need love most.

Resolving in the week ahead, and in the lead up to Christmas, to be kind; to yourself and to others.

Along with classical yoga classes, for which this is our weekly focus, we offer: