yama + niyama

Over the last 2 terms we have been working though the Yamas and Niyamas in our weekly yoga classes.

Here’s a recap of these yoga philosophies and the Patanjali’s classical yoga guidance on living better with ourselves and others. Visit each of these in earlier blogs this year for more details, and ways to reflect on each and incorporate into your life.

The summary below offers a prompt to practice; practical ways to take yoga out of the class and into your daily life.

The YAMAS, or things to abstain from; for better relationships with others (and therefore ourselves) are:

1.     Ahimsa – doing no harm, or conversely, being kind.

2.     Satya – being truthful, and authentic in your interactions with others, while remembering to be kind in doing so.

3.     Asteya – not stealing, and not taking credit for what is not yours

4.     Brahmacharya – moderation in all things and ‘right use of energy’; considering how you use your energy and channelling it less towards pleasures that seem great at the time however doesn’t lead to finding peace and contentment within. 

5.     Aparigraha – non-greed, or only taking what you need in this life, and conversely, being generous in what you have to give.

The Niyamas, or observances to live better with ourselves, are:

1.     Saucha – purity and cleanliness; remembering our environment often reflects our state of mind, so maintaining a clear and clean environment, creating space, for clarity and a sign of respect towards our physical possessions. Also relates to keeping our bodies, with a clean diet and clean, functional clothing. 

2.     Santosha – contentment, through practicing gratitude

3.     Tapas – austerity or self-discipline toward what we want to achieve

4.     Svadhyaya – self-study, to develop knowledge, and self-awareness

5.     Isvara-pranidhana – surrender, letting go of outcomes. Doing the work, making the plans, and letting go of the results.

Along with weekly yoga classes, for which these have been our focus this year, we offer weekly meditation sessions in Mentone (Bayside Melbourne), and:

·       Learn to Meditate course in Mordialloc and Mentone

·       Individual coaching in mindfulness and wellness

·       Corporate workshops and programs in mindfulness and resilience

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