patience | weekly yoga class focus

Patience (noun): the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, problems or suffering without becoming annoyed or anxious.

Is patience something you’re wanting more of? Is impatience causing you frustration, and irritation? How do you go about being more patient? Distract yourself? Remind yourself to wait and that ‘patience is a virtue’? Or do yoga!

Yoga helps cultivate patience, among soooo many other mental capacities. Through regularly practicing asana (yoga poses), even in one class a week, you subtly learn to be patient with your body as you develop strength and flexibility to extend poses (or not). You’ll also develop patience of mind - when you slow down, you will find your mind takes the opportunity to fill itself with thoughts, to fill the void. You practice patience each time you draw your mind back from wandering, slowly training your mind to be more comfortable with stillness.

The ancient yogic text, The Bhagavad Gita describes yoga as ‘the practice of tolerating the consequences of being ourselves’. When we practice yoga, over time, we find we’re able to be more comfortable in our own skin, and accept ourselves as we are, a little more easily. It takes patience, and time, for this to happen and remember an hour a week, over time, does just this.

‘When you are patient your mind is more settled and calm. This ‘virtue’ of a quality will help you do whatever it is you are doing with more ease’.

Self Inquiry: 'Is there something I want today, but need to be patient, let go and trust the process... that it will come?' ...... and resolving this week, not to force progress, instead nurture myself, and trust the process.

Resolving this week, to live with intent. To listen to your heart, for where to focus your energy.

Along with weekly yoga classes for which this is our weekly focus we also offer:

·      Meditation courses and a weekly meditation session

·      Corporate wellbeing workshops based on mindfulness and healthy habit creation

·      Individual and group coaching for lifestyle, wellbeing, mindfulness and meditation.

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