isvara pranidana - surrender

Wishing you a week ahead surrendering control, a little!

This week's focus is the 5th and final Niyama, Isvara Pranidhana. One translation is to surrender. Surrender and trusting you will be supported; life or ‘the universe’ has a knack for supporting us. We say we’re only given as much as we can deal with at the time.

Isvara Pranidhana is about giving up on trying to control everything, trusting you can go with the flow and all will work out. We then are less caught up in attaching ourselves to particular outcomes. We know, when we strive for things and want them to go exactly as we plan we can create a great deal of unnecessary pressure and stress. And also, goals aren’t reached in a linear line, we have little trips and diversions along the way that we know nothing about when we set out. We still get there and it might look a lot different to how it looked when we started out, but in a good way. We simply take the next step, and the one after that, enjoying each step along the way, not just the destination - that can be fleeting as we’re soon on to the next goal.

 On the other side of control - sometimes we get grumpy about being in control – if I don’t plan the family/friends get together it won’t happen…. And maybe it won’t. You’ve set the expectation that you’ve got it covered so they don’t need to worry. But if you let go of that control – it might stop, but maybe someone else will pick it up. You don’t know unless you let go. And it might not happen in the ways you expect!!

Reflecting, is there something in my life I'm trying to control? Am I too invested in a particular outcome….. and can I let it go?

Resolving this week to be aware of what you’re attempting to control and considering if you can let it be.


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