satya - be honest

Our focus in yoga classes over the last couple of weeks has been on Satya, the second of the Yamas [the Yamas are the first of the 8 limbs of yoga. There are 5 of these guidelines on living better with others, and ourselves). ⁣

Satya is about being honest and truthful in what you think, say and do. And when we do this we naturally live with integrity and authenticity. Satya pairs really well with Ahimsa (the first of the Yamas - kindness). So, always being kind in your honesty.⁣

We started with a focus on truth in 'the body' and our bodily sensations as messengers. Enquiring how we can tune in to, and trust, our 'felt-sense' and our intuition. Practicing listing to our body's messages and coming to recognise what is true and right for us.⁣

🙏 Our self enquiry: ⁣

'Is there an aspect of my life at the moment where I'm not living from a place of authenticity? Where I'm not living from a place of listening to and trusting the messages my body has for me.'⁣

We next focused on thoughts and how we often take these as truth; but they are not, they're just thoughts, formed from a perception of truth... based on our impressions of sensory experiences in the moment merging with memories and experiences which have formed beliefs and values and default systems in our lives.⁣

🙏 Taking some more time for introspection, on Satya:⁣

'What unhelpful thought or thought pattern have I been assuming or accepting to be true? Can I turn it around? Considering for a moment it's opposite.'⁣

Along with weekly yoga classes, for which this is our focus we also offer Mindfulness Meditation and Wellness Coaching for Corporate workplaces and the Melbourne bayside community.