august 2018 promotion - FLOURISH WELLNESS COACHING

I'm super excited to offer 50% off coaching packages until 5pm on Friday 31st August, for 5 people in my community.

Scroll down for details of what's included, and chose from:

  • 12 week Coaching Program 

  • Coaching Starter Set 

These rates are only available to first 5 people to book in below.

Upon purchase you'll receive an email from me with your Wellbeing Questionnaire and we'll organise a time for your first session. We can meet either at my place (Parkdale), your place, or via phone.

what's included

coaching - 12 week program

Designed to get you crystal clear on what you want and supporting you to get there.

  • Pre-coaching questionnaire to reflect and take stock
  • 1 x 90 minute Coaching Session where your vision of optimal wellness begins. You'll develop a sense of how your life will look and feel, based on where you'd like to focus. Whether it's nutrition, exercise, a positive mind set, a balanced work and life, or something else that will improve your wellbeing.
  • 6 x 45 minute Coaching Sessions to connect back and reflect, review, refine and re-focus you to move closer to your goals. We utilise your strengths and explore options to navigate challenges. We’ll celebrate your successes and make clear commitments to the next steps so you stay on track and accountable, to move forward.
  • Additional support as much or as little as suits your style - coaching workbook, goal setting templates and worksheets, suggested reading, journal exercises, customised meditations, email support.

coaching - starter set

Designed to get you motivated and inspired to make the change and a strong start to get there.

    • Pre-coaching questionnaire to reflect and take stock
    • 1 x 90 minute Coaching Session face to face or by phone
    • 2 x 45 minute Follow Up Sessions by phone
    • Additional support as for 12 week program

    To read more about me and my approach to coaching, visit

    My wish is for you to flourish in good health and wellbeing, and to live your life fully.