Jack, Australia Post

“I was in your Health & Wellbeing program earlier in the year, at Australia Post. I wanted to personally say I found the program incredibly rewarding. The program really opened my eyes to mindfulness - an experience I had previously disregarded as being ‘not for me’. I’ve used your training to create a sustainable habit of being mindful for 10 minutes every day - I’ve now completed over 10 hours of meditation over 76 separate sessions. It’s made me feel more present in the moment - I feel I’m better at enjoying the present; without thinking of what’s coming next or rushing off to something. And, more importantly, I think it’s impacted those closest to me who feel like I’m more communicative and engaged with them. I didn’t think I would enjoy meditation as much as I have, it’s really calmed me and helped me with my focus. The other habit I’ve created and sustained is exercising - I’m now exercising regularly and have felt super energised - I’m full of beans! Both of these habits have really helped my daily drive, energy and thoughtfulness. I wanted to thank you so much for sharing this program - it has been so wonderful to be a part of! If you’re back at Australia Post for another program I’d love to be part of that too. Thanks again”

Tiffany, Australia Post

“This program was really refreshing and an opportunity to have time out to stop and focus on a different aspect of my health each fortnight; reflecting and sharing ideas and committing to making positive changes to my health each session.

My productivity has improved and the first session really boosted this for me as I considered my morning routine and committed to make a change on my way to work. I’m getting some exercise and feel more fresh and I’m more productive at work as a result.

Nicky’s facilitation of the group activities fostered a respect and appreciation of others and our differences but also highlighted that we have the same challenges. I came away each session with a fresh perspective and ideas from the good things others were doing also. Nicky created a safe and comfortable space and work masks came off and we connected as people. I now see familiar faces in meetings and in the lifts and there’s more meaningful conversations. I would highly recommend this program “

Monica, Australia Post

“I was lucky enough to secure a place in the Cultivating Healthy Habits workshops and was looking forward to getting some ideas on how to make some positive changes to help re-energise me and get me through the colder months. It turns out the program was much more than that, with tips on routines, triggers, stress management, mindful eating and self-awareness. The sessions were really well structured and Nicky was amazing with the way she makes everyone feel so comfortable to share their experiences. We soon learned that many of us face the same challenges and obstacles to change. Personally, my favourite session was the Pro-active Stress Management, learning the various breathing techniques and doing spot meditations. So much so that I was able to share some of this with other colleagues in a recent team meeting by taking them though a minute of focused breathing! The other thing that resonated with me was linking habits to cues and triggers which really helps to imbed them. The other great thing is having follow up emails, which provide a gentle reminder to keep you on track, and session notes to refer back to after the workshops. I highly recommend these workshops and am grateful that our organisation is thinking about ways to improve our health and wellbeing and provided this opportunity “

Neomalie, Australia Post

“My experience with the program has been really positive and it provided great benefits such as a healthier work environment, greater productivity, and improved employee relationships. I can’t recommend it enough.

Nicky’s approach was relaxed and friendly with her empathetic listening connecting her with the group.
Nicky was also really knowledgeable on the topics that were discussed and her passion for wellness was evident in the way she conducted the sessions.
I felt energised after attending the sessions, and was more alert going back to work. I found myself to be more productive for the rest of the day.
Nicky conducted the sessions in such way that the group felt safe and comfortable to share experiences and ask questions.
I loved the session on spot meditation and learning about various breathing techniques. I have incorporated this into my daily routine. I found it to be a good practice to stay focused and energised throughout the day.
Nicky started the sessions with an overview and objectives of what to expect during each session which allowed the participants to be actively engaged in the conversations.
After each session there were follow up emails and materials available online. This helped me to revisit what we learned during the sessions and to incorporate in my routines”

Joe, Australia Post

“I really enjoyed the Healthy Habits program and would highly recommend it.

  • The practical approach and small changes introduced each session has been encouraging and motivated me to keep at it

  • Nicky is a great teacher who genuinely cares about people’s wellbeing, which is reflected in her open and inclusive teaching style

  • There is no judgement or pressure in these sessions and everyone was given an opportunity to share their experience if they felt comfortable

  • Lastly, I love that most of what we learnt is grounded in science!’ “

Inneke, Australia Post

“I was part of ‘Cultivating Healthy Habits Program’ and found it really helped me in my personal development journey. It was nice to be able to take a break from our busy lives and enter into a space where we can be present and focus solely on our health & wellbeing. Nicky, as a facilitator is really gentle and kind in her approach, encourages people to share their experiences in a safe & comfortable space. One thing that helped me the most was to do more stretching & moving meditation, it’s not only beneficial for physical health, but also for mental health – releasing the pressure valve. It was my first time learning Chair Yoga too, how interesting! Thank you Nicky! I am now more aware of myself and will continue improving myself. I will definitely recommend this program. “

Nicole, Australia Post

“I found Nicky’s sessions to be informative, well-presented and perfectly timed.  I left with renewed energy to make changes after each session. One particular aspect to the course that I found beneficial was the commitment to small changes. Often things get overwhelming and you forget that even a small thing can make a difference. The mini meditation options have come into good use, with a 3 year old too! I would have no hesitation in recommending to others”