“Ive just completed an Intro to Meditation course with Nicky which I really enjoyed. I am finding it so beneficial, both for handling stressful times for work & at night to help get me back to sleep at 3am when my mind starts racing away.
I also decided to try the free yoga class she was offering & loved it. I thought I might get a bit lost during class, but I think she is a perfect teacher! She gently talks you through the moves & reminds you of your breathing rhythms. I didn’t feel out of place with the other more experienced students either. I’m now going weekly & just loving it. Thanks Nicky - I’m so happy I found you!”


“I have been doing yoga with Nicky for almost a year and I love it! It helps keep me flexible, and relaxes my mind and any tight muscles. My mind and body always feels relaxed and nurtured after a class.
I have also commenced the meditation short course which is a fantastic supplement to the yoga. Completed week 2 this week and had the most wonderful night's sleep I've had in a long time. I am learning that meditation can be used for only a few minutes at a time to help calm, relax and re-energise the mind, anywhere, at any moment. Nicky is teaching me that there are many different ways that this can be achieved to suit the individual.
Nicky is amazing, and I highly recommend her yoga classes and meditation course.”