Remembering our yoga venue for the last 3 1/2 years and looking forward to the rebuild, and coming back :)

Lotus flower hand dance.

The lotus flower starts its day in bud.
As the sun comes up its petals begin to open
By midday its face is fully open to the sun.
It draws the suns goodness down into its roots.
A gentle breeze blows it one way, and then the other
No matter how hard the wind blows
The little flower always regains its strength and poise
Tiny fish swim about its roots,
And insects hover overhead,
Looking down at the beautiful flower
Small colourful birds are all around.
They sometimes come to rest on the flower.
As evening approaches,
The little flower draws the day’s goodness into its petals, seals it in,
Before resting for the night.

I learned this from Donna Rowe at a yoga fellowship day, It comes from an old book on yoga for arthritis which is no longer in print and unfortunately I am unable to find the full details to credit the source.